#Dairy Innovation Monday: New products from Lactalis & Chobani 

GLOBAL – The #Dairy Innovation Monday section this week features new interesting additions from French multinational dairy products corporation and American strained yogurt giant Chobani. 

Lactalis enters post-workout recovery category 

The US post workout category is expanding with the addition of two products from French dairy giant Lactalis. 

The company’s UP2U RECOVER protein drinks and UP2U RECOVER unflavored protein powder are designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. 

The products contain Lactalis’ PRONATIV native whey protein which provides purity and potency, which the company said appeals to fitness devotees looking for higher quality performance.  

UP2U RECOVER flavored protein drinks feature a formula of fast absorbing protein, carbohydrates, and electrolytes, stimulating muscle recovery within 30 minutes after physical exercise.  

The product is lactose free and easy to digest, Lactalis said.  

Meanwhile, UP2U RECOVER unflavored powder protein consists of 17 grams of protein, 70 calories and zero carbohydrates powder and can be added to other foods and drinks.  

“UP2U RECOVER is backed by our legacy and leadership in dairy products,” said Jean-Luc Bruandet, president and chief executive officer, Lactalis American Group.  

“Consumers can use UP2U RECOVER products to help embrace a healthy lifestyle, balancing fitness needs and hectic daily life, as they offer a fast, optimized recovery using clean, minimally processed ingredients for those looking to be fit, active and take care of their bodies.” 

Chobani introduces new functional milks 

Meanwhile, US dairy brand Chobani is expanding its portfolio with two new milk releases – Ultra-Filtered Milk and Half & Half. 

Chobani Ultra-Filtered Milk is a lactose-free and protein-packed ultra-filtered milk. It  has half the sugar and 2.5x more protein than traditional milk.  

The milk is available in Whole, Reduced Fat 2%, Fat Free and Chocolate variations.  

Chobani Half & Half Plain is available in both Plain and Lactose-Free options. The product is made from farm-fresh milk and cream. 

Peter McGuinness, Chobani president and chief operating officer, said: “With our lactose-free, reduced sugar and protein-packed Chobani Ultra-Filtered Milk, we’re making dairy accessible to more people and giving consumers a great option to trade up to a more advanced, functional and delicious product.” 

Both new releases are made from locally sourced milk. They are available nationwide across the US. 

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