EGYPT – Danone Egypt, a subsidiary of French dairy giant Danone, a leading global food and beverage company, announced the reduction of its milk losses by 70% at its plant in Obour as part of its sustainability efforts.

One of Danone’s most important missions is to eliminate food waste and they have put in place measures to help achieve this goal.

The company has a Zero Food Waste initiative in which they partnered with the Egyptian Food Bank to also donate their daily surplus to those in need.

Hesham Radwan, the general manager and managing director of Danone Egypt and Northeast Africa said, “Food waste should be addressed across the value chain, and not only as part of the consumption itself.”

He revealed that the company closely monitors the quality and standards of milk in all the procedures from sourcing to consumption.

They also utilize proper storage and efficient manufacturing facilities to prevent product rejection and consequently avoid food waste.

“We have what we call at Danone our Dual Purpose, which means that we are committed towards business success and social progress: from working with some of the smallest members in the value chain – farmers, milk collectors, and micro distributors until consumers.”

Danone works hand in hand with the government whose efforts to overcome the challenges in food security are through many national-level projects.

To achieve self-sufficiency in some food products, these projects aim to increase production in the agricultural sector in addition to livestock and poultry.

Danone Egypt has so far contributed to enriching school meals with dairy products for about 35,000 students as well as 5,000 Egyptian Food Bank’s most eligible recipients who are in orphanages and elderly homes in Cairo.

The company also supports local farmers in cultivating soya for animal feed.

In matters of reducing its carbon footprint, Danone recently announced that it was able to improve the Obour Plant’s energy consumption by more than 30% as compared to 2019 and its water consumption by 50% compared to 2017.

In 2019, Danone Egypt became the first company in Egypt to receive a B Corp certification. A B Corp Certification is a promise that a company is doing business in a way that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.

The company received its second recertification this year, further demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and social justice.

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