Danone launches Two Good Greek Yogurt expanding its Light & Fit Brand

USA – The multinational food-products corporation, Danone has launched the Two Good Greek Yogurt which adds to its light & Fit brand in the US market.

The dairy product contains 80 calories, 12 grams protein and 2 grams total sugar per 5.03 oz serving and is available in five flavours: vanilla, mixed berry, peach, strawberry and blueberry.

Two Good is ‘85% less sugar’ than the average yogurt and is still rich in protein and is now set to begin appearing in major US grocery stores.

It will be available nationwide beginning February next year at a suggested retail price of US$1.49.

The product has been developed with a patent-pending, slow-straining batching process that removes the sugar from the milk used to make the product.

Earlier this year, the firm boosted its light and free line in UK with two flavours of Icelandic-style skyr yogurt.

Packaged in 150g tubs, the products are targeted at consumers who want a convenient snack when on the go.

In its most recent quarterly result, the firm recorded a 4.4% decrease in its sales partly attributed to the poor performance of its infant unit formula in China and the consumer boycott in Morocco.

Danone also recorded a revenue decrease in three of its four business units.

The company operates under the brands Activia, Actimel, Dannatte, Evian, Aqua,Aptamil Yocruch and Nutrica among other brands serving over 120 markets.

Danone has been focusing on production of products that fit into consumer’s healthy lifestyles and has inspired the development of Dannon Light & Fit, Carb& Sugar Control yogurts.

Earlier on this year, the company announced a series of new commitments and actions towards ensuring that its packaging becomes 100% circular and gearing up the global transition towards ensuring a circular economy of packaging.

“We believe the time is now to step up and accelerate, embrace our responsibility and work with others to engage a radical shift that will help free the world from packaging waste,” said Emmanuel Faber, Chairman and CEO of Danone.

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