Danone partners Ecosurety to bolster recycling traceability

UK – The food products corporation has signed a three-year recycling partnership with Ecosurety, a UK based investor in quality recycling for plastic to increase packaging waste recycling.

As part of the deal, Ecosurety will manage Danone’s packaging and waste recycling obligations in UK through its market leading compliance scheme and expertise in recycling projects.

Danone on the other hand will support in innovative new recycling techniques and the building of new recycling capacity.

Ecosurety said in line with its core business model, it will prioritize the purchase of purchase of Danone’s Packaging Waste Recovery Notes (PRN) from local re-processors to ensure reinvestment into the UK’s recycling system.


“Ecosurety are determined to show that recycling compliance doesn’t need to be perceived of as a tax but, rather, a positive feedback system that benefits producer,consumer and planet.

We’re delighted that Danone recognize this, and the long-term potential of our business approach.

Danone is a company that shares many of our sustainability objectives and it is great to have them on board,” said James Piper, Managing Director of Ecosurety.

Ecosurety is the market leading compliance scheme investing in quality recycling.

It has more than 1,000 customers including Danone, The Co-operative Group,Innocent, Morrisons and Virgin Media.

Addressing environmental concerns in packaging

Danone, which trades in specialized nutrition, water, dairy and plant based products already recycles around 80% of its used packaging and with the partnership, it aims to develop new techniques while supporting innovation and education.

As of 2017, Danone said 86% of its total packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and over 50% of its water volumes are sold in reusable jugs.

The deal further supports Danone’s recycling obligations that seeks to offer nutritious, high-quality food and drinks in packaging that is 100% circular, keeping materials in use and out of nature.

The company aims to make all its packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Caroline Winters, Director of public affairs at Danone, said: “Ecosurety’s approach to traceability and tangible reinvestment in the recycling sector resonated with our own environmental business objectives.

This is the start of an impactful new partnership and we look forward to working with Ecosurety.”

The programme with Ecosurety is expected to strengthen packaging waste recycling capabilities in the UK and address environmental issues associated with plastic packaging.

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