UKRAINE – Danone, one of the world’s largest food and beverage corporations, has retired the Prostokvashino brand in Ukraine and introduced a new brand into the market.

The French dairy giant announced the new Prosto Nashe (literally translated from Ukrainian meaning “simply ours”) on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

The new brand’s portfolio will include milk, kefir, ryazhanka (a fermented milk product), sour cream and cottage cheese.

 All products will be produced at one of the Danone plants in Kremenchuk, Poltava region from milk supplied to the plant from nearby farms.

Previously, the Ukrainian product line was marketed under the Prostokvashino brand, which stems from Soviet-era cartoon series.

 “Having left the name in the past, we are taking with us into the future our experience in production, our expertise in the quality of milk and dairy products, our unwavering commitment to supporting local farmers supplying us with raw materials,” Evgeny Bardzik, marketing manager of Prosto Nashe, stated.

“The Prosto Nashe brand in every manifestation, starting from the form and content and ending with each individual element of the identity on the packaging, demonstrates the values it professes,” Andriy Poluektov, the marketing director for Danone’s business in Ukraine, added.

“It is, first of all, care for loved ones and relatives, which is manifested in unsurpassed quality and taste: Prosto Nashe is not a play on words, but the true essence of the brand, which reminds us of simple values that are important now more than ever.”

Earlier this year, Russia took control of the Russian subsidiaries including that of yoghurt maker, Danone putting the company under the country’s temporary management.

The new order signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin placed the shares of Danone Russia under the control of the Russian property agency Rosimushchestvo.

According to Danone, the firm had prepared to take all necessary measures to protect its rights as a shareholder of Danone Russia, and the continuity of the operations of the business.

Last year, the French dairy business had planned to transfer control of its essential dairy and plant-based business in Russia, retaining only its infant nutrition branch.

According to the company, the decision was considered to be the best option for ensuring long-term local business continuity, for its employees, consumers and partners.

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