Danone stops production and distribution of Bonafont water brand in Brazil

BRAZIL – French multinational food-products corporation Danone has ended the production and distribution of its Bonafont water brand in Brazil, including activities at its facility in Jacutinga, Minas Gerais.

According to a statement, the change is part of Danone’s new business strategy to shift its local business into other growing categories.

With a focus on its portfolios, such as dairy and plant-based products and specialized nutrition, Danone said it will be able to allocate more resources to continuous innovation and meet consumer demands.

The move by the dairy major comes at a time when the bottled water market is experiencing continued growth stimulated by increasing concerns regarding various health problems such as gastrointestinal diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water.

In addition, drinking water scarcity in several regions further necessitates the demand for safe drinking water, leading to increased product sales and thereby augmenting the market growth.

According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), increasing preference for nutrient-fortified water is trending owing to the rising importance of health and wellness among consumers.

 Over the past few years, products with labels such as alkaline, electrolyte-rich, fortified, caffeinated water, and fortified with additional hydrogen or oxygen have been gaining popularity.

However, a spokesperson for Danone stated: “We reviewed our portfolio in Brazil and, as a result of this analysis, decided to focus our business on the largest, most profitable, and growing categories.”

Therefore, as of 3 September, we will stop the water production of Bonafont water in Brazil”.

Danone has asked consumers to verify the manufacturing date of its Bonafont water products – no later than 3 September – to ensure that they are consuming the original water brand.

Bonafont will not be supplied to any retail store once they run out; however, the brand will continue the supply of the brand in other countries, such as Mexico.

Danone noted that the decision to discontinue the water category in Brazil does not affect other markets where Bonafont is present, nor Danone’s water category worldwide.

Waters is an important category that is at the heart of its mission and considering Water is the healthiest drink, the company will continue to bring healthy hydration to people in the most sustainable way.

This is a similar direction Danone took in the UK of stopping the distribution of the Badoit brand in the country, in 2019.

At that time, Danone explained that Badoit being natural mineral water, the company was conscious of the need to preserve the source and never collect more than nature could offer.

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