SPAIN – Danone has announced that it is set to launch a special smart cap to its Spanish mineral water brand Font Vella that will allow consumers track their water intake as well as hydration levels.

Called Coach2O, the device covers the existing bottle cap, ensuring no contact between the water and the device and records the volume of water taken in by its user.

The device can coach people toward adequate hydration, encouraging them to keep sufficiently hydrated.

The Coach2O has been developed in partnership with, an innovative start-up specialized in smart packaging, and will be unveiled in Spain in the spring.

According to the company, more than 50% of Spanish population doesn’t hydrate adequately, thus necessitating the need for innovative solutions to promote healthy hydration in the natural mineral waters market where Danone is a leader.

“Over the years, our scientific teams have developed a deep understanding of the science of hydration.

Now, with our open innovation capabilities, we can leverage digital solutions to bring all this knowledge to those who need it most: our consumers, through personalized solutions,” said Bruno Dasque, VP R&I at Danone Waters.

Coach2O has sensors to detect the amount of water drunk and if it is inadequate, it reminds the user to drink more through a discreet series of blinks.

It is accompanied by an app connected to the clip to bring a more personalized experience, with features such as daily hydration goal setting, adjusted to individual parameters and daily routine like workouts.

It also offers facts and tips about the reasons why cultivating healthy drinking habits is crucial, and how to achieve these goals.

Water.IO has in the past teamed up Visy, one of the largest packaging companies in Australia and New Zealand on smart and data-enabled packaging.

Hydration is one of the key points highlighted when you talk about health and wellness, a trend that is significantly driving innovations in the food, beverage and packaging sectors.

According to Zenith Global statistics, sales of bottled water overtook carbonated soft drinks in the US for the first time in 2017, and the trend was expected to be reflected in the year 2018.