Danone Waters Spain bags B Corp certification, commits to be carbon neutral by 2030

SPAIN – Danone has unveiled that its water brands in Spain, Font Vella and Lanjarón have received the B Corp certification, becoming the first brands in the natural mineral water sector in Spain and Europe to achieve this recognition.

B Corp certification is a third-party standard requiring companies to meet social sustainability and environmental performance, transparency and accountability standards to enable companies to solve social and environmental problems.

As François-Xavier Lacroix, general manager of Danone Waters Spain, said: “B Corp is the engine for sustainable transformation for Font Vella and Lanjarón and a perfect illustration of Danone’s dual economic and social commitment.

“Taking this step represents a new challenge that leads us to include the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our performance, increase the purpose of our brands and improve our contribution for a more sustainable future.”

Pablo Sánchez, executive director of B LabSpain explained: “The incorporation of Danone Waters Spain into the B Corp movement underscores our commitment to the community and the environment.”

“Font Vella and Lanjarón have achieved B Corp certification for accomplishing the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal responsibility.

“They maintain a balance between business and purpose by continually measuring their social impact and economic impact.”

With the aim to maintain the purity of natural water resources, the Danone noted that its waters business works to positively impact natural ecosystems across the whole value chain and in local communities.

In addition, Danone Waters maintains that it promotes projects to preserve and improve biodiversity through land custodies in areas where Font Vella springs are located.

The brand is carrying-out medium-term projects in the areas of Sigüenza and Sant Hilari (Guadalajara and Girona) to preserve the natural water cycle and favor biodiversity on the land near its springs.

The road to becoming 100% circular

Thanks to Font Vella and Lanjarón’s eco-design and commitment to guaranteeing a second life for plastics, all the materials used in their packaging are 100% recyclable and both brands are committed to the use of recycled plastic.

Danone Waters said it is working to ensure that the entire range of Lanjarón products will be made with 100% recycled plastic and the entire range of Font Vella will be made with 50% recycled plastic by 2025.

The company said it is committed to generating a quality recycled plastic market with Renueva project and is currently running a first packaging selection plant in Montcada and Reixac Barcelona.

The plant recovers packaging and classify it correctly so that new recycled plastic bottles can be generated again.

To further the company’s commitment towards promoting sustainability, both brands reinforced their commitment top reserving natural water ecosystems stating their objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030.

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