Danone’s Nutricia debuts first ‘Karicare Toddler Sheep Milk’ formulation

AUSTRALIA – Danone’s Nutricia, global leader in specialised nutrition has launched its first Karicare Toddler Sheep Milk formulation in Australia.

Nutricia said that the launch of the product represents “a significant step for the New Zealand sheep dairy industry” and “enhances the existing strong market position of Karicare, as leading brand in Australia and New Zealand”


The innovation responds to growing demand among consumers in Australia and New Zealand for toddler formulas based on alternative sources of milk, such as goat and sheep milk.

“As consumer preferences continue to evolve, it’s important – as market leader in Australia and New Zealand – that we’re able to cater accordingly,” said John Hoare, sales director at Nutricia ANZ.

“Also, this launch is as an opportunity to serve other consumers with similar tastes in the region, and who value New Zealand’s renowned agricultural and sheep-farming heritage as well as the country’s natural environment.

“Through this launch, we’re also supporting our local dairy sheep farms,” John added.


According to the company, the current launch of Karicare Toddler Sheep Milk is sourced from sheep grazing year-round, supplied by two farms running 6,000 ewes on the shores Lake Taupo.

John added: “At Nutricia, we aim to provide healthy food, tailored to the nutritional needs and eating habits of our consumers.

“We’re doing this by sourcing high-quality ingredients from trusted local farmers and producing our products under the highest possible quality standards.

“With the launch of Karicare Toddler Sheep Milk, we’re pleased to offer yet another nutritional option to support active toddlers.”

Karicare Toddler Sheep Milk for 12+ Months is now available in Australia while a full Karicare Sheep Milk formulation range is planned for 2020.


The innovation builds of Danone’s ambitionsto meet the growing need for specialized infant formula after it recently opened a US$271.52 million ‘sustainable Nutricia plant in the Netherlands.

Located in Cuijk, Netherlands, the plant supports the expansion of Danone’s range of specialized infant formula products specially tailored for babies with specific health needs.

In July this year, Danone unveiled that it will be investing US$26.5 million (NZD40 million) in its Nutricia spray drying plant in New Zealand to help the site achieve carbon neutrality by 2021.

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