USA – Del Monte Foods has launched a new line of non-dairy parfaits dubbed Fruit Crunch Parfaits available in four different flavors as it continues to expand its snacking category.

The new snacking innovation comes as a non-dairy mindful snack option that is on trend with wellness-conscious consumers with emphasis on simple ingredients, dairy alternatives and great taste.

The product are available in four flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Pineapple Coconut and come with a honey oat granola topping made with coconut creme, which provides the “flavor, texture and richness of yogurt.”

Del Monte says that the Fruit Crunch Parfait is a non-dairy option are packed with two billion probiotics for digestive health and no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

“We envisioned Fruit Crunch Parfait as a reinvented classic that is ideal for the wellness-minded consumer striving towards balancing great taste, nutrition, and convenience,” said Liam Farrell, VP of Brand Marketing for Del Monte Foods.

“We’re thrilled to expand our presence in the refrigerator aisle with a non-dairy – yet deliciously crave-worthy – product, something you can feel good about eating.

“Here at Del Monte, we’re always monitoring industry trends and we firmly believe that Fruit Crunch Parfait delivers on what consumers are looking for.”

Del Monte said that unlike typical parfaits that are high in sugar, Fruit Crunch Parfait “is a better-for-you option that is comparable in deliciousness and packaged for today’s busy consumers, making it the perfect balanced snack or breakfast on-the-go.”

Fruit Crunch Parfaits are the second addition to Del Monte Foods’ new snacking innovation platform to be released this year. In August, the company debuted Bubble Fruit, which combined its classic fruit cups with boba.

Del Monte plans to release further developments in the coming months, the company said, as it continues to “diversify outside the canned food aisle and into the snack, refrigerator and frozen aisles of grocery store.”

Earlier this year, the company launched its Fruit and Oat line, which combines steel cut and rolled oats with a classic fruit cup. Other recent introductions to the store perimeter include Del Monte Fruit and Chia and Fruit Crunch Parfaits.