USA – College Inn, a broths and stocks brand under Del Monte Foods, has launched its latest innovation, Simple Starter, a seasoned meal-starter made of stock, herbs and seasonings for one-pot meals.

According to the company, Simple Starter is made with 100% natural, rich and savory College Inn stock. The new product is available in three flavors; Savory Chicken, Hearty Beef and Mexican-Style.

Descibed as a versatile ingredient that creates the foundation for endless recipes, Simple Starter can be added into proteins, starch, and veggies “to create a hearty, home-cooked meal.”

Leaning into the trend of creating scratch-quality meals with less stress and more life balance, College Inn said that Simple Starter makes preparing easier, with simplified planning, preparation, tending and clean up.

“College Inn is excited to unveil our new Simple Starter,” said Liam Farrell, VP of Brand Marketing for Del Monte Foods.

“As the trend of one-pot meals continues to soar, we anticipate Simple Starter becoming a creative solution to busy consumers’ wants and needs for simple-to-make weeknight meals.

“Not only is it super easy to use, Simple Starter creates nourishing and delicious, full-flavor meals that will have family and friends thinking you spent all day in the kitchen.”

Meanwhile, Del Monte has opened its fresh-cut facility in Kuwait to enable the company to expand in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region following a successful launch in the United Arab Emirates in 2007.

The new state-of-the-art facility offers just-in-time delivery capabilities including cold storage facilities, fresh-cut fruit and vegetable operations, and an ultra-fresh juice manufacturing operation. The site was opened late October this year.

Speaking at the launch, Mohammed Abbas, VP for APMENA region said; “The newly launched fresh-cut facility is yet another milestone achieved by Del Monte under its expansion strategy in the MENA markets.

“The new launch will foster our position as a leading provider of fresh fruit and vegetables that boost wellness and healthier lifestyle of the people.

“We are glad for this recent development and are determined to push forward our reach in Kuwait and the wider MENA region in order to continue providing healthy and fresh food to people of the region, and be an integral part of their healthy lifestyle.”