ZIMBABWE – Kwekwe based dairy firm, Dendairy has started rolling out its 100 percent fruit juice products in the market, Dendairy director Daryl Archibald has said. In an interview, Mr Archibald said the firm expects to penetrate the market with its innovative products.

“Fruit juices are in stock in SPAR and are about to be stocked in TM and OK. Dendairy is Zimbabwe’s only local packer of 100 percent no sugar added, no preservative fruit juices and we expect to penetrate the market with our innovative 500ml offering,” he said.

Dendairy will be producing 150 tonnes of fruit juices per month and hopes to take 20 percent of the market which is currently at 600-800 tonnes.

The firm plans to procure orange juice from local agro-industries, in line with its company policy while the rest of the juices are to come from South Africa.

Mr Archibald said the firm failed to meet its targeted 35 percent growth in sales volumes last year as the liquidity crisis continues to rear its ugly head.

“We are still finalising numbers but growth was subdued at around 10 percent due to liquidity challenges in the market. This has seen us refocus on smaller pack sizes which we are seeing strong sales growth from. The new products have been nicknamed pocket milk. You can get 100ml of milk for 15c in some outlets this is the same price as a lolly and much more nutritious for your kids,” he said.

Looking ahead, Mr Archibald said the firm is very optimistic about 2015.

“Government is focused on increasing local production/manufacturing and the policies being implemented are justifying the high milk price our industry pays to dairy farmers,” said Mr Archibald – The Herald

January 13, 2014; http://allafrica.com/stories/201501120390.html