INDIA – Diageo India has announced the expansion of its gin portfolio with the introduction of Tanqueray Rangpur and Tanqueray Malacca amid surging demand for innovative and diverse gin options. 

According to the beverage giant, these two novel variants are carefully crafted to appeal to consumers seeking unique and exotic flavours for their gin cocktails. 

Tanqueray Rangpur is designed to tantalize taste buds with its citrus-infused profile. Crafted with Rangpur lime, a hybrid of mandarin and citron, the gin offers aromatic and subtle bitter notes that set it apart from traditional gin offerings.  

The carefully selected botanicals, including bay leaf and ginger, contribute to a well-balanced and refreshing flavour profile. This variant is expected to be a favourite among those who appreciate a zesty twist in their gin cocktails. 

Named after the vibrant city in Malaysia, Tanqueray Malacca takes gin enthusiasts on a journey through Eastern flavours. The blend of exotic local ingredients and a carefully curated selection of botanicals, including peppercorns, cloves, ginger root, cardamom, and rose, creates a unique and aromatic experience. This variant is set to capture the attention of consumers looking for a gin that goes beyond traditional Western flavour profiles. 

The introduction of Tanqueray Rangpur and Tanqueray Malacca aligns with the growing trend of consumers exploring a wide range of flavours in their gin cocktails. 

With the popularity of craft cocktails on the rise, Diageo India aims to provide enthusiasts with premium options that cater to their evolving taste preferences. 

The launch of Tanqueray Rangpur and Tanqueray Malacca is expected to not only meet the demands of gin enthusiasts but also contribute to the broader evolution of the gin market in India. 

Tanqueray Rangpur and Tanqueray Malacca are set to hit the shelves soon, offering consumers an exciting opportunity to elevate their gin-drinking experience.  

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