USA – Dixie Vodka, an all-American craft vodka, has announced its most recent flavor innovation in a regional collaboration with Savannah Bee Company: Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka.

According to the company, its newest product uses SBC’s Georgia Wildflower Honey infused in Dixie’s award-winning Dixie Southern Vodka, 6x distilled from non-GMO corn.

The result is a delicious flavored vodka with a hint of sweetness, perfect on its own or in a variety of classic cocktails.

A portion of proceeds from Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka benefit The Bee Cause Project, which works to support the health of honey bees in the Southeast by increasing the number of hives in the region and helping to educate the public on their importance.

“As the leading homegrown vodka in the region, it’s a key part of our mission that we work with flavors and ingredients that are core to the southeast,” said Matti Anttila, CEO of Grain & Barrel Spirits and founder of Dixie Vodka.

“We want to tell a story about where our ingredients are from and who our partners are.

Beyond being a delicious, locally sourced ingredient, honey also tells a critical sustainability story for the region.

Healthy bee populations are vital to our everyday lives and we hope we can do our part in working with Savannah Bee Company and The Bee Cause Project to help promote positive awareness for the challenges bees face.”

“Savannah Bee Company strives to live as bees live: symbiotically with nature and in a manner that contributes positively to the world around us,” said Ted Dennard, Founder of Savannah Bee Company and The Bee Cause Project.

“Our Georgia Wildflower Honey is made from a variety of nectar sources depending on the whimsy of the bees.

It’s the perfect all-around honey. Infused with Dixie Vodka it also makes for one fantastic spirit.”

Rolling out this month, Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka will initially be available in leading retailers, bars and restaurants in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky, before expanding across the region through the holidays.