GERMANY – DMK Group is strengthening its partnership with the German food company, Bahlsen to collaboratively launch a new range of ice cream featuring confectionery pieces.

Called BAHLSEN ice cream, the new product will be available starting May in 500ml tub at food retailers and then at petrol stations and via home delivery.

It comes in three flavors BAHLSEN Ohne Gleichen Ice Cream, BAHLSEN Ohne Gleichen Strawberry-Yoghurt Ice Cream, and BAHLSEN Messino Ice Cream which as set to offer a variety of great tasting products to consumers.

Bahlsen Ohne Gleichen Ice Cream combines crunchy, chocolate-covered waffle pieces with tender-melting vanilla ice cream and delicious nougat sauce while Bahlsen Ohne Gleichen Strawberry-Yoghurt Ice Cream offers a refreshing summer timeout thanks to its fruity strawberry topping, crispy chocolate-coated waffle pieces and white chocolate flakes.

Bahlsen Messino Ice Cream on the other hand, features soft spongy biscuit bits, slivers of whole milk chocolate and orange sorbet.

“We are pleased that we were able to convince Bahlsen, one of the most popular German brands, about the strength of our portfolio.

This confirms that we’re moving in the right direction,” said Marcus-Dominic Hauck, COO of DMK Ice Cream.

“Because with our creations, we’re putting everything in place to deliver new incentives to target groups of established markets.”

DMK says the innovation is part of the brand realignment and strengthening of the ice cream business in a bid to open-up new market segments.

The new range follows the successful launch of well-known brands to the ice cream shelves of the retail trade last year, including Baileys and its own brand MILRAM.

Dieter Lutz, marketing director DACH of Bahlsen, added: “The Bahlsen brand has always stood for quality and diversity.

“As such, it’s only the next logical step for us to want to offer consumers this diversity in other categories. And that’s why the popular Bahlsen classic is now available as ice cream.”

The launch comes barely a week when DMK said it had entered a deal to acquire baby food producer Alete as part of the ‘continued restructuring’ strategy.