GERMANY – DMK Group, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative is expanding its existing portfolio in the ice cream sector with new creations for the Milram and Baileys brands.

After working with Bahlsen last year, the company has also announced that it is expanding its DMK Ice Cream partnerships with Ahoj-Brause.

DMK plans to introduce a new product concept in the form of the Ahoj-Brause “Brause Cup”, Starting March 2020 as the company continue to harness its grip in Germans ice cream market.

“We want to build on our positive momentum in the ice cream sector from the previous year,” explains Marcus-Dominic Hauck, COO of DMK Ice Cream.

“In 2020, DMK Group will therefore continue to focus on consistently developing and expanding a profitable brand business – one which already accounts for 15 percent of its total sales. The aim is to also optimise processes and significantly increase distribution.

“An awareness of our products among customers and end consumers is a basic condition for positive brand development. We therefore want to more strongly apply targeted communication measures and thus continuously develop the brand business in the ice cream sector.”

DMK Ice Cream is launching several new products for Baileys, and beginning in March, the new Strawberries & Cream variety will complement the 500 ml cup segment and further introduce the “Mini Selection Pleasure” mix box.

Three varieties of Baileys stick ice cream will be available each in a practical dessert size of 55 ml and complement the classic 90 ml stick ice cream that was successfully launched last year.  

DMK is also introducing Milram buttermilk ice cream varieties of strawberry and lemon into the strong waffle cone segment, which will be available in a mix box.

As DMK continues to expand its brand portfolio the company recently acquired the total assets of DV Nutrition, a joint venture it previously operated together with Volac.

DV Nutrition was integrated into the wheyco business which is a subsidiary of DMK’s Business Unit Industry.

Going forward, protein products and permeate manufactured by DV Nutrition will be supplied directly to customers in the future by wheyco in addition to Volac, who will continue to supply protein products sourced from the DV Nutrition factory.