JAPAN – Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd (DNP), one of the largest printing/coating technologies companies in the world, has entered a definitive 50-50 joint venture with SIG Combibloc Co., Ltd, an agreement that seeks to bring value-added carton packaging and filling technology solutions.

With a focus to enrich the Japanese food and beverage industry, the new joint venture will operate under the name of DNP.

The aim of the joint venture was to be Japan’s number 2 in aseptic carton packs by 2022.

The partnership will bring packaging as a new source of product differentiation and create value in carton packaging, technology and services for the food and beverages industry in Japan.

According to Souichiro Nishitani, Corporate Officer and General Manager of Packaging Operations at DNP, the huge variety offered by the packaging system from SIG will enrich the Japanese market and offer clear added value for beverage manufacturers and consumers alike.

DNP has played a significant role in developing and marketing carton packs and filling systems for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in Japan.

DNP’s worldwide packaging business provides high-quality, advanced packaging for foods, household items, medical and pharmaceutical products, and other items.

In its packaging development strategy, DNP considers production in a more sustainable way putting the interests of consumers and society at hand for a safer environment.

On a mission to provide high-quality products primarily to corporations that do business on a global scale, DNP opened a plant in Vietnam, with intention to expand their business to meet demand from rapidly growing Southeast Asian markets.

SNG was excited about the partnership, saying that it will enable them venture into the packaging market, creating new value for customers in food and other packaging.

“We’ve now found this with DNP. Together with DNP, we are bringing innovative solutions to the food and beverage industry in Japan for current and next generation products,” said Rolf Stangl, Chief Executive Officer at SIG.