EUROPE – The Döhler Group, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, and Passina, producer of high quality purees, concentrates and juices, have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Concentra Europe BV.

According to FoodingredientsFirst, the company said the move means that the Döhler Group will be the owner of Passina’s Dutch and German subsidiaries, as Passina refocuses on its core passion fruit business.

Switzerland-headquartered Passina is a global business specializing in passion fruit. With its own processing facility in Ecuador, Tropifrutas SA, and a worldwide research, supply and distribution network, the group’s focus is the development, production and commercialization of natural passion fruit-based products and solutions.

This transaction marks a step where customers will benefit from a complete offering and improved efficiency of the combined businesses.

This is in the face of a global market that is characterized by volatility, as well as the challenges and opportunities of supply and demand, according to the companies.

No financial details of the deal have been disclosed and the proposed transaction has now been filed with the relevant antitrust authorities.

It is conditional upon their approval, according to the company.

Alexander Barth, one of the owners of Passina, confirmed that Passina would stay within the realms of the passion fruit products and ingredients space.

“Both Passina and Döhler had a good longstanding relationship, we have also partially been competitors and decided that it was a good time to expand on our strategies.

The blending part of the business has been an important part of what we have been doing so far. But our history and our core business has also been with passion fruit,” he continued.

“For Passina, this deal allows us to bring a bigger focus to the passion fruit market and our capabilities in passion fruit.”

“We are just waiting for the approval from the antitrust authorities,” said Barth.

“The important thing to note is that the blending business of the Passina operations is going to depend on the approval of the authorities.

Passina will be staying within the passion fruit business.”

For the owners of Passina, change is on the horizon, according to Barth. “There is a change in generations coming,” he added.

“The next generation doesn’t have any background or knowledge in the fruit juice concentrate business and this was one of the main reasons to change ownership to the blending partner.

There hasn’t been any interest coming from the younger generations in running this business, so it makes sense for us to come to this agreement – its better done under controlled circumstances,” he explained.

Dr. Pablo Hafner, Passina CEO, also said; “We will dedicate to 100 percent of passion fruit applications.

The focus for Passina means everything from juices, concentrates, aromas, all derivatives – we are not going to focus on anything else apart from passion fruit – we are going back to our roots.”

Concentra Holding AG, owner of the brand name Passina, will focus its future activities on its core business, the production and commercialization of passion fruit products, including passion fruit juices, concentrates and derivatives.

“Drawing on our rich R&D legacy, we’re working on new passion fruit-based products and solutions for the food, health and cosmetics sectors through the collaboration of our multidisciplinary team with partners from labs, research centers, and firms.

We’re excited to be developing and producing new, previously unexplored formulas and applications,” added Dr. Hafner.