TANZANIA – Dough Works Limited (“DWL”), the sole franchisee owners for two global Quick Service Restaurant (“QSR”) chains Pizza Hut & KFC in Tanzania, has opened 2 additional outlets in Dar es Salaam, one for KFC and another one for Pizza Hut to take advantage of the growing consumption in the country.

In a statement during the inauguration, DWL said: “The opening of the 8th KFC and 9th Pizza hut restaurant has provided more opportunities to the local markets, like chicken producers, increasing employment opportunities by creating more jobs in Tanzania.”

Established in 2015, DWL is the leading provider of consistently high-quality food and convenience experiences and amenities in the most populous country in East Africa.

They are the founders of the newly introduced home-grown food and beverage venture, including BAO Caf & Express, along with Pizza Hut & KFC in Tanzania.

Dough Works has achieved tremendous growth in the last 7 years, operating 27 outlets across Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Before the opening of the outlets, DWL had 5 stores in Dar-es-Salaam.

The company also has plans to open additional stores, not only in Dar but also in other main towns in Tanzania as well as add more international brands under its portfolio.

Dough Works opened its first Pizza Hut branch in May 2016. Investor Kibo Capital took a significant stake in Dough Works in February 2019, also providing expansion capital. At the time, it had five branches of Pizza Hut.

Dough Works subsequently acquired the assets of Kuku Foods Tanzania, the KFC franchisee, in October 2019 (Kuku Foods East Africa Holdings holds the KFC franchise for most of East Africa). Kuku Foods Tanzania operated four KFC outlets in the country at the time.

Vikram Desai, Dough Works Limited Managing Director commented: “co-located Pizza Hut & KFC features a large seating area, a kid’s play area, for our customers, also a drive-thru that will cater for all our customers around Mbezi Beach, Kunduchi, Goba, Mbezi Juu, Africana, Bahari Beach, and Kilonga Wima.”

“Along with customers, Pizza Hut & KFC Mbezi Beach are looking forward to integrating with and supporting the Mbezi Beach community, Marking the beginning of what they hope to be a long-standing relationship with the community in a special event held hand in hand with Baba Oreste Foundation lead by Mr. Mauricio Robiro.”

He noted that Dough Works Limited is proud of the partnership to promote Tanzanian restaurants to reach international standards in providing quality services.

According to Desai, DWL hopes to continue to host such events and partner with similar organizations that are contributing to the social upliftment and well-being of the Mbezi Beach Community.

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