SOUTH AFRICA – The American doughnut brand, Krispy Kreme has opened its fifth store in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) in a spree to increase its presence in South Africa, reports IOL Business report.

This brings the number of Krispy Kreme stores to 15 in the country and according to Erin Kriel, Marketing Specialist for Krispy Kreme South Africa, there will be 17 trading Krispy Kreme stores as well as 18 off-premise retail partner sites and an estimated 24 sites trading by end of the year.

The company which also operates a coffeehouse chain opened its fourth doughnut store in September at Pavilion Mall in KZN.

“We have had a presence in KZN since 2017 and found with the launch of our Theatre store, Gateway that the KZN community love our product which birthed the natural and easy decision to try reach all homes in KZN with our doughnuts and coffee,” she said.

According to her, the thriving economic market was receptive to all sorts of concepts and brands, given that the recently launched store has been received well in the market.

“We acknowledge the discerning shopper of the Pavilion Mall and appreciate their feedback as much as their patronage.”

She said the company will launch a ‘’box shop’’ concept early December in Pretoria, the very first in the space while 2019 will see the launch of its Western Cape market.

In the short term, Krispy Kreme aims 30 stores in the country.

Since its flagship store launch in South Africa in 2015, the company has been targeting major regional shopping centres known for their premium retail node and international standards.

It debuted with sixteen doughnut flavours with a license to open 31 Krispy Kreme shops in South Africa.

Krispy Kreme has an eye on the expanding incomes and growing middle class on the continent, all forming the basic factors for its continued expansion efforts.

It has a presence in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria where it started operations this year with a plan to invest US$7 million in 20 outlets.