NETHERLANDS – The global company active in health and nutrition has launched a benzoate-free cheese ripening enzyme, accelerating their clean label strategy through an innovative choice of ingredients.

The new ingredient, Accelerzyme® CPG, allows cheesemakers to respond to growing consumer demand for dairy products with a clean and clear label.

It eliminates the use of artificial preservatives in cheese processing and capitalizes on this accelerating trend where customers are now rejecting some ingredients in favour of clean label products, especially dairy products.

DSM is upgrading its entire cheese enzyme portfolio in response to this need, employing innovative production technology and changing the formulation matrixes of these products to eliminate the need for benzoate-based preservation.

A DSM survey conducted in 2014 found support for clean label yoghurt with 49% of consumers willing to pay 10% more for yogurt that is free from artificial additives and preservatives, and 45% would pay at least 10% more for yogurt that is free from artificial colors and flavors.

Accelerzyme CPG is a unique carboxypeptidase cheese ripening enzyme that accelerates balanced flavor formation in a variety of different cheese types.

It causes small peptides and amino acids in milk to release faster during the ripening process, converting these to flavor components by the added cheese cultures, resulting in a faster ripening time, and a smaller environmental footprint.

“Today’s cheese manufacturers face multiple challenges – to continually increase cheese quality, while optimizing whey value and producing their products in an efficient, sustainable way,” said Evandro Oliveira de Souza, Global Business Lead for Cheese at DSM Food Specialties.

“High-quality, high-purity ingredients are key.

At DSM, we want to continuously improve our portfolio to keep pace with the changing consumer and customer demand for better, healthier, and more sustainable food.”

It is an addition to DSM’s portfolio of benzoate-free cheese enzymes including Maxiren XDS, Fromase, a microbial coagulant (endopeptidase) preparation, and a portfolio of lipases.