NETHERLANDS – DSM, a Dutch multinational health and nutrition company, has extended its yogurt culture portfolio to include DelvoFresh YS-042 that helps manufacturers meet clean label requirements without compromising on quality.

According to a statement from DSM, the new culture enables dairy processors to create stirred yogurt that stays “extra mild, creamy and thick throughout its shelf life,” without the need for extra texturizers.

“Manufacturers can reduce the number of thickening agents and added proteins needed to create a creamy and thick stirred yogurt with the DelvoFresh YS-042 culture,” says Karoline Kjaerulff, global business manager, fermented milk products at DSM.

With clean label being in vogue and consumers demanding for products with shorter, more recognizable ingredients, yogurt makers have been looking for ways to get rid of some of the ingredients currently used.

Without using additional ingredients, it has, however, proven difficult to produce yogurt that still appeals to a consumer who is also unwilling to comprise texture and flavor.  

DSM reports to have found a solution in the form of DelvoFresh YS-042 which according to the company creates an indulgent yogurt experience that also aligns with the preferences of today’s label-conscious consumers.

The new culture addition by DSM is timely as it  follows continued growth in the stirred yogurt category, propelled by the rise in people working and staying at home who are turning to yogurt as a healthy and convenient snack between mealtimes.

Manufacturers seeking to tap into the growing popularity of stirred yogurts can therefore exploits DelvoFresh YS-042’s potential to create products that align with these preferences and differentiate their offerings in this fast-growing and competitive space.

Yogurt manufacturers also stand to benefit from improved efficiency and reduced production costs when they use the new product.

DSM notes that due to its fast and consistent fermentation time, DelvoFresh YS-042 facilitates a cost-effective and streamlined yogurt production.

The culture is also reported to have a stable pH during yogurt filling, providing manufacturers with a flexible production time and cost efficiencies.

Additionally, DSM notes that DelvoFresh YS-042  has a low post-acidification thus creating a stable pH until the end of shelf life (30 days), even under challenging conditions.

This helps producers create a product with a consistent taste and texture throughout its shelf-life.

DelvoFresh YS-042 complements DSM’s “one-stop-shop” portfolio of cultures, probiotics, protective cultures, lactases, vitamins, nutritional premixes, hydrocolloids and antibiotic residue tests for yogurt and fresh fermented mesophilic applications.

In 2018, DSM introduced DelvoFresh YS-140, which creates premium, creamy yogurts with a mild taste and indulgent texture.

More recently, the company featured its DelvoFresh FV-122 yogurt culture along with the DelvoPro L26 Lactobacillus casei probiotic strain in a prototype drink for immunity.

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