NETHERLANDS – Dutch speciality ingredients manufacturer Royal DSM, has launched Digital SalmoFan, a new digital tool that accurately measures fillet colour throughout the entire value chain.

In aquaculture, the color of a farmed fish’s flesh, or its pigmentation, is one of the most important product attributes.

The vibrancy of the red-orange color of salmon fillets, for instance, can dictate market value – consumers often associate the degree of color with product quality – and also be a key indicator of health and welfare.

The Digital SalmoFan gives objective and accurate measurements expressed as a SalmoFan score which is the globally accepted standard colour metric.

The tool is portable and user-friendly and includes features such as portability, compatibility, and ease to use anywhere, without any light interference.

Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth ability, allowing users to connect the tool to smartphones and tablets and generate a SalmoFan score on the screen.

There is also the Digital SalmoFan app, which can gather, store, and share data collected from colour measurements.

This innovation builds upon the DSM SalmoFan™ and SalmoFan™ Lineal used today throughout the global salmon industry to measure fillet colour and brings globally accepted standard colour metrics into the digital era.

“In DSM, we are committed to unleashing the power of aquaculture by delivering innovative science-backed solutions for optimum nutrition and health,” Benedict Standen, head of global aqua marketing at DSM, said.

“The Digital SalmoFan enables the industry to maximize the value of colour, providing a credible, reliable, and consistent reference point across the value chain.”.

The company said the Digital SalmoFan, which will be available to companies globally across the salmon industry value chain, highlights its commitment as the industry leader in colour measurement tools.

“By introducing Digital SalmoFan™, DSM enables the entire value chain to measure fillet colour accurately and objectively,” Director Nutrition & Health Solutions Aqua Global Fabio at G.O. Johnsen Cervellione noted.

“Farmers, feed producers, processors and retailers can now move their pigmentation programs into the digital era, optimizing colour management and being able to capture greater value from fillet colour. One language of colour, any time, any place.”

DSM’s purpose has been to create brighter lives for all with its products and solutions addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large.

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