NETHERLANDS – The Dutch bio-science company, Royal DSM has launched a new culture range for young cheddar and barrel cheese.

Called DelvoCheese CH-120, the new range is said to be resistant to phage – viruses that infect the bacteria crucial for cheesemaking, thus increasing production efficiency.

It can also be used when delivering cheese that is of consistent quality, taste and texture is required.

DelvoCheese CH-120 consists of six rotations with culture strains that are resistant, offering good durable phage protection and consistent performance, while creating cheese with the typical neutral flavor and firm, resilient texture of cheddar cheese.

“We designed the new DelvoCheese CH-120 cultures with cheese producers’ needs in mind,” said Evandro Oliveira de Souza, Business Lead for Cheese at DSM.

“We know that reliability, consistency and efficiency are essential to helping them produce high-quality, great-tasting cheddar cheeses faster and more effectively, while also prioritizing robust protection against phages.”

According to DSM, the majority of cheddar cheeses that are produced globally are young or barrel cheese with applications in ready meals, pizza and burgers.

The new range is expected to meet cheese producers’ demand for alternatives to chemical compositions without impacting on both cheese quality and consistency.

This trend is driven by the desire for distinction, with consumers looking for “locally-produced” cheeses with a unique flavor.

Manufacturers are banking on innovations offering flavor boosts, nutrition power-ups, ambient shelf life extension in regard to changing consumer tastes and preferences.

The company said it recently joined the Farming for Generations alliance comprised of seven other agricultural sector players with an aim to help dairy farmers adopt more sustainable regenerative farming practices.

DSM expanded its cheese range with new Delvo Cheese CT-500 Castellano, suitable for creating Spanish Castellano-type cheese.

DelvoCheese CT-500 Castellano was an addition to DSM’s comprehensive portfolio of Continental cheese solutions which includes cultures, coagulants, bulk starters, lipases, and cheese-ripening solutions.

With the new additions, DSM is responding to the growing demand for premium, authentic and artisan cheese types as well as locally produced cheeses.