DENMARK – The DSM/Novozymes alliance, a global leader in feed enzymes, has launched its second-generation protease, ProAct 360™ to help poultry feed producers achieve improved growth performance in their feeds. 

According to a statement from the alliance, ProAct 360™ delivers feed efficiency, affordability, and sustainability, helping feed producers achieve consistent improvements in growth performance, along with improved matrix values for key amino acids and faster action.  

“As its name suggests, ProAct 360™ reflects a 360° understanding of the needs of poultry producers, and also of the challenges that poultry production can face with regard to environmental footprint,” the alliance noted in the statement.  

The product launch comes at a time when animal protein producers are facing a volatile market characterized by high protein meal prices and a slow recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the new enzyme, Novozymes says feed producers can be more flexible in their selection and use of raw materials, reducing the industry’s reliance on soy and other major crops while at the same time helping to cut feed costs.  

It also reported to significantly enhances the digestibility of protein, ensuring greater retention of nitrogen in the metabolism and therefore lower nitrogen emissions to the environment. 

Moreover,  ProAct 360™ comes with an enhanced potency that offers improved returns on investment and its value proposition goes beyond the product itself.  

“ProAct 360™ is our latest breakthrough technology in sustainability-driven innovation. Improving sustainability while reducing feed costs and supporting animal welfare is the key requirement for the animal protein industry today,” observes Christie Chavis, Vice President at DSM Animal Nutrition and Health. 

“The launch of ProAct 360™ is an important proof point of our strategic initiative We Make it Possible, which is designed to deliver solutions that enable the transition to fully sustainable animal protein production worldwide,” Chavis added. 

The DSM | Novozymes Alliance pioneered feed protease technology 10 years ago with the launch of its first-generation ProAct. 

The company reports that its pioneer ProAct enzyme became the market standard for improving amino acid digestibility in animal feed.  

The need for protease-based solutions is however greater than ever today amid rising costs of good quality protein for animal feeds.

With the launch of ProAct 360™, the DSM | Novozymes Alliance intends to make protease technology broadly available to poultry customers, to support the development of a more sustainable global animal production industry.

According to the alliance, ProAct 360™ will be initially launched in Latin America, with a roll-out to the other regions of the world to follow in the medium term.

The alliance further noted that future swine applications are being studied. 

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