DSM unveils new branding for gellan and xanthan gum ingredients

NETHERLANDS – Royal DSM has unveiled new branding for its gellan gum and xanthan gum range in a bid to address the growing need for clean label and natural ingredients.

This aims to further strengthen the company’s hydrocolloids business which comprises of gellan gum, xanthan gum, welan gum and pectin.

The new branding will appear across DSM Hydrocolloids marketing channels and brochures and applies to packaging and signage at DSM’s two biogum facilities, DSM Zhongken and DSM Rainbow.

The brands include Gellaneer- gellan gum, ClariXan- food grade and personal care xanthan offerings, and XanTreme – the xanthan offerings for industrial, oil and gas applications.

The new branding is one of the many steps DHC is taking to amplify its mission – to help customers solve complex problems in food and beverage applications and turn their best ideas into high impact and high demand products and solutions.

DSM said the focus lies on its commitment to pioneering biogum solutions and servicing customers with clarity.

“With the trend towards natural, healthier and sustainable consumption, we have witnessed an accelerating shift away from ingredients produced via chemical processes towards those derived from natural processes such as fermentation based and natural extraction.

Biogums, given they are fermentation derived, have been a benefactor of this trend,” said DSM China President, Dr. Jiang Weiming to FoodIngredientsFirst.

Such forward-looking insight into customer needs and global trends looks to position DSM as a global supplier of specialty hydrocolloid solutions.

The hydrocolloids range find applications in dairy and plant protein, confectionery (to substitute gelatin), drinkable jellies and even personal care.

DSM and Zhejiang Haixing acquired a majority equity stake in Inner Mongolia Rainbow Biotechnology Co to strengthen hydrocolloids business.

Through this acquisition, DSM and Haixing will be able to expand their global business of sustainable and innovative hydrocolloid solutions applied in food, beverage and personal care products.

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