DSM unveils new culture for premium creamy stirred yoghurts

NETHERLANDS – The global health and nutrition company, Royal DSM has launched a new range of culture for the production of premium stirred, mild and creamy yoghurts.

The new product, Delvo®Fresh YS-140 is an addition to the company’s range of cultures that seeks to meet the increasing demand for premium yoghurts that offer both health and nutrition benefits.

It produces a creamy yogurt with a velvety mouthfeel and mild taste that consumers are after in today’s market.

This is in line with the changing consumer tastes and preferences as nutritional benefits of yogurt, taste and indulgence are becoming increasingly important to modern lifestyles.

Yogurts that are marketed as providing ‘double indulgence’ or having a ‘soft and creamy texture’ are increasingly popular and evidence of opportunities for further differentiation in the yogurt market.

“Yogurt has quickly become a mainstay in the diets of many people,” said Rolando Saltini, Business Manager for Fermented Milk Products at DSM Food Specialties. “Yogurt can be a healthy breakfast, a high-protein pre- or post-workout snack, and it can be an indulgent snack or dessert.

Our new DelvoFresh YS-140 is the culture in our range with the best balance between high creaminess and mild taste, delivering to the desire for more indulgence and enabling more yogurt moments in the day.”

According to him, consumers are looking for more differentiated yogurt types and new products, and there is a clear consumer preference for yogurts with high creaminess and a mildness not only just after production, but until the end of shelf-life.

Largest opportunities are seen in Europe, North America, and Latin America, mainly in flavoured stirred yogurts and yogurts with fruit preparations.

The new DelvoFresh YS-140 culture for stirred yogurt is a high-performance culture with a fast fermentation time and limited post-acidification at 5°C, meaning it maintains a mild taste during its entire shelf life.

It is suitable for all types of stirred yogurts, including flavoured or plain yogurt, as well as yogurts with added indulgent flavors such as fruit.

It was developed by DSM’s R&D team and allows yoghurt producers to create creamy yogurts without having to compromise on mildness.

DSM offers yogurt manufacturers a high quality and cost-effective portfolio of dairy solutions, including DelvoFresh cultures and Maxilact® leading lactases for lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy.

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