USA – Hologram Sciences, the personalized nutrition brand introduced by Royal DSM, has launched a new brand dedicated to personalized women’s health.  

Known as Phenology, the new brand offers advanced at-home diagnostics, hormone tracking, and custom insights for women before, during, and after menopause, according to Hologram Sciences.  

The brand allows users to follow a targeted wellness program with appropriate supplements and science-backed, naturally powerful health and beauty essentials.  

They can also access one-on-one coaching and expert advice to unlock timely relief throughout their menopause journey. 

The brand will launch initially in North America and is steered by a women-led team of experts, scientists and advisors “seeking to advance science and subject matter expertise in an area largely overlooked by the medical profession.” 

Breakthrough non-invasive biomarker monitoring platform 

Hologram Sciences is also unveiling a new, exclusive, partnership with German-based femtech start-up Inne.  

The startup has developed the world’s first at-home non-invasive fertility monitoring system which uses saliva to determine hormone levels in real time.  

Already CE certified for use in the European Union, and with US FDA certification in progress, Inne’s portable “minilab” has wider potential applications along a range of health conditions, closely aligned with the Hologram Sciences roadmap. 

Eirini Rapti, co-founder and CEO of Inne, said, “The partnership with Hologram Sciences is a superb foundation to bring our technology forward to change the lives of even more people.  

Through Hologram’s support we will be able to boost the development of our analytes and scale the at-home minilab for a range of concepts.” 

The importance of usable, convenient and non-invasive testing devices cannot be underestimated given that many diagnostics could only be reliably performed on blood.  

The novel diagnostic and tracking platform by Inne is thus a timely innovation as it offers easy adoption of personalized nutrition solutions by consumers. 

“We will be working tightly with Inne on integrating their platform as a crucial component in our concepts as we build a future of better personalized health,” said Hologram Sciences CEO, Ian Brady. 

The collaboration between Hologram Sciences and Inne will cover both technological development for new analytes, as well as commercialization of the technology. 

Hologram Sciences last year launched its first consumer brand, d.velopTM, a novel platform offering personalized support for immunity health, including a supplement range containing DSM’s ampli-dTM ingredient – a fast-acting, more bioactive form of vitamin D. 

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