Dudutech Launches new product to promote sustainable crop protection

TANZANIA – Dudtech, manufacturer of agro-chemicals and leader in Integrated Pest Management, has launched new biological pest control products that aim at sustainable crop protection against pest.

The firm launched the product traded as Beauvitech, Mytech and Phytotech into Tanzanian market following the approval by Tanzanian authorities.

Dudtech said that the new products, traded will enable flower and vegetable growers to harness nature to protect their crops in a sustainable, environmentally intelligent way.

Catherine Gacheri, Dudutech East and Southern Africa Sales Manager, said that the new products provide farmer-focused alternative approach to crop protection.

“Tanzania’s agriculture sector is large and growing but farmers face major challenges in sustainably protecting their crops against pests and diseases which ultimately impact on access to external markets and their bottom line.

Dudutech’s entry into the market is an important step forward in securing the long term future of the agriculture industry in Tanzania,” she said.

The firm said that products are designed and developed under a “by growers for growers” mantra and it intends to offer environment, people and long term economic viability of agribusinesses.

According to the firm, Beauvitech, Mytech and Phytotech offer biological crop protection against Thrips, red spider mites and nematodes which have been challenging to effectively manage using chemicals alone.

“This is due to a confluence of problems compounding challenges such as resistance management, market restrictions, non-target effects and safety restrictions.

When these issues arise, farmers suffer lower productivity, reduced plant quality and increased costs.

Using biocontrols addresses each of these while protecting the long term future of growing and selling crops,” the firm said

“Phytotech, one of Dudutech’s flagship biocontrol products, deploys specially reared beneficial mites called Phytoseiulus persimilis, powerful natural predators which actively hunt and feed on red spider mites including their eggs, nymphs and adults.

Beauvitech contains spores of a specially developed entomopathogenic (insect-killing) fungus called Beauveria bassiana which naturally targets Thrips in vegetables and flowers.

Mytech contains formulated spores of Paecilomyces lilacinus, a nematophagous fungus which traps and digests root knot nematode adults, juveniles and eggs in the soil.

Mytech spores attach to a target nematode then form mycelia to trap it before invading and feeding on the host. The spores then emerge to continue the lifecycle on a fresh host,” the company explained.

Dudutech said that the products can be applied through spraying or incorporated in drip irrigation systems do not face natural resistance issues allowing farmers to apply the product and safely interact with the crop immediately after spraying.

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