UK – DuPont Nutrition & Health has announced it expansion plan of its three new 90% protein nuggets product range that allow food manufactures to drive growth and innovation in the snacks, bars and cereals categories.

The new SUPRO 90 per cent protein nuggets are of exceptionally high protein levels and are available in a range of textures, shapes and sizes that can help formulators achieve the desired protein level while using liberal amounts of nuts or seeds.

“Consumers want products with simple ingredient statements and high protein,” said Jean Heggie, strategic marketing lead, Protein Solutions Business Unit, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

“These new additions to our nugget portfolio deliver on those promises while providing excellent taste, crunchy texture and strong visual appeal in nutrition bars, cereals and a range of healthy snacks.”

The company’s soy protein and fiber nuggets provide high-quality, plant-based protein and/or fiber nutrition, and a crispy, crunchy texture. They give the widest selection of high-protein nuggets in the industry.

The company notes that it’s the first supplier of 90% protein nuggets in the market

The initial introduction of SUPRO Nuggets 570 was light, crispy textured while now three variants have been introduced.

The three new 90% nuggets include the SUPRO nuggets 580, with firmer texture and with better piece integrity during processing.

The SUPRO nuggets 583 have unstructured shape that creates a visual appeal while adding crispy texture.

SUPRO nuggets 585 is the largest one, offering a unique appearance and crunchy texture, making it ideal for novel snack formats, nutrition bars and cereals.

Apart from SUPRO, DuPont also offers SUPRO Soy Protein products ranging from 60-90% protein, The other variants are Fiber Nuggets, which deliver a minimum of 55% dietary fiber from soy, and TRUPRO Pea Protein Nuggets.