USA – DuPont Nutrition & Health, one of the largest chemical producers, has announced its debut of Guardian Toco 30p, a highly effective and label-friendly antioxidant from naturally sourced mixed tocopherols in a powder form.

According to the company, the manufacturers of cereal and granola brands will have a convenient, easy-to-use antioxidant protection product when compared to liquid tocopherols.

The powder format can help ease manufacturing concerns such as homogeneous distribution, handling, labour-intensive clean-up and application equipment costs and limitations.

Antioxidants are finding new potential amid modern life’s demands.

As the fast-paced, high-stress and the time-precious contemporary consumer doesn’t have much time for sourcing and cooking from scratch, that often translates into a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and an increase in processed and convenience food.

“Mixed tocopherols are excellent and effective antioxidants.

The power of the antioxidant comes with the value for maintaining the quality of the finished food product over the shelf-life or in many allowing for a shelf life extension,” said John Wyatt, Regional Product Manager, Food Protection, while speaking to FoodingredientsFirst.

“This provides confidence to the manufacturer that their products will have the desired quality when the consumer purchases the product.

It also gives confidence to the consumer that the products they purchase will meet the expected quality.”

According to him, the target applications for Guardian Toco 30p are low moisture foods, such as cereals, bars and snacks, and other applications would need to be tested.

“The challenges of a powdered product include making sure the powder is free-flowing and easy to handle,” he continued.

“The powder must be protected from oxygen exposure until it is added to the finished food.

Another challenge regarding business usage is the fluctuating costs of tocopherols over time.”

Target applications for Guardian Toco 30p are low moisture foods, such as cereals, bars and snacks.

“Tocopherol prices are typically stable over time. Occasionally there have been time periods where the price will increase rapidly for several months, which becomes a challenge for both the manufacturer and the end user,” adds Wyatt.

Joy Zhong, Senior Application Scientist, Food Protection, also commented; “Tocopherols are a known powerful antioxidant to inhibit lipid oxidation.

The advantage over other natural antioxidants is its low sensory impact.

It is important to note that natural antioxidants are not expected to offer a one-to-one replacement for synthetic antioxidants and higher usage levels may be required.”

“Guardian Toco 30p simplifies the process by incorporating antioxidants into the dry mix and eliminates the need for additional equipment and clean-up,” said Luping Ning, Group Manager, Bars/Confections/Snacks/Cereals.

“This new antioxidant solution in a cost-effective powder form helps to reduce expenses while improving productivity.

Tocopherols enable a consumer-friendly ingredient declaration compared to synthetic antioxidants.

Now cereal and granola brands have a solution that contributes to a positive eating experience by maintaining cereal freshness with greater consumer acceptance, all while contributing to the bottom line.”

Antioxidants play a much more significant role in supporting health than simply quenching free radicals.

Aside from promoting health and well-being, antioxidants have an essential role to play in preserving food, but also must come with a clean label to get maximum impact.