USA – DuPont Health and Nutrition has announced the launch of a new enzyme strengthening solution, POWERBake 6000 that adds tolerance and consistency in particularly bread and buns.

DuPont said that it will be launching a range of strengthener products at the ASB Baking Tech 2018.

The new product develops dough with sufficient strength, essential to creating high-quality bread.

Food manufacturers have a variety of new options and capabilities to choose from in the production of competitive and high quality baked goods.

In combination with other enzymes and ingredients, POWERBake boasts of high quality and can be utilized in various bakery applications.

“The versatility of the POWERBake 6000 range can help food manufacturers address many of the issues they are facing in the development of their baked goods,” said David Guilfoyle, Group Manager, Bakery, Fats and Oils.

“Combined with the knowledge and capabilities of our applications team, this strengthener can deliver unique solutions and a host of new options for bakery products.”

Apart from enhancing the emulsification process, POWERBake provides competence in creating desirable dough qualities such as dough tenacity, extensibility, elasticity and baking strength.

It also improves tolerance to processing variations and raw materials, improve crumb structure and whiteness, tolerance to processing variations and raw materials.

The ingredient is ideal for food processors who want to offer their customers with voluminous products.

DuPont received a patent certification on its POWERMill enzyme to allow millers improve quality of flour, reduce costs and achieve profit.

A commitment to meet the increasing demands from the food industry saw the food ingredient supplier relocate from Botany to Erskine Park in an expansion strategy.

Its expansion plan of involve the launch of three new 90% protein nuggets product range following the need to drive growth and innovation in the snacks, bars and cereals categories.