EUROPE – DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has launched its PowerBake 6000 and 7000 enzyme series, which the company said are tailored solutions designed to help the bakery industry in Europe meet consumers demand for clean label products.

According to the ingredient supplier, the new PowerBake series also offer improver houses and bakeries a unique emulsification solution that preserves the taste and quality of white breads and buns.

Like many consumer-facing industries, the baking sector faces the challenge of a customer demand for clean label products, all while increasing productivity, flexibility and time to market.

DuPont claims that the PowerBake 6000 and 7000 series will help its customers to capture market share in a growing segment by addressing this demand.

The solution is complementary to the broader range of DuPont Danisco ingredients for the baking industry, including traditional emulsification technologies.

The new PowerBake series are said to be specifically formulated to help create an optimized, cleaner label product while maintaining quality.

According to the company, the enzymes show an improvement on volume (by 5 to 15 percent) and initial softness (by 10 to 25 percent) without compromising the crumb structure or shock tolerance when compared with traditional emulsification solutions or existing clean label options on the market.

The PowerBake 6000 series is the new enzyme solution based on DuPont’s new lipase, specifically developed for its unique role in emulsification and, in particular, its benefits for crumb structure and dough strengthening.

DuPont says that the 6000 series enables the replacement of mono- and diglycerides while maintaining product quality.

Meanwhile, the PowerBake 7000 series is the new DuPont oxidative module developed to ensure the best possible performance in white bread and buns.

Used in combination with the PowerBake 6000 series, it enables the replacement of emulsifiers primarily used in baking to strengthen the gluten network in dough.

“Consumers are looking for bakery products with friendlier labels, driven by their increasing concerns about sustainable eating and heightened concerns of potential negative health effects.

“With our new PowerBake series, we can provide improver houses and bakeries with the ability to meet these needs while maintaining quality in their sliced breads and buns,” said Maria Brandt, Regional Industry Leader for Europe, Food Enzymes for DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.

Allyson Fish, Global Business Leader of Food Enzymes for DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences adds: “This new PoweBake solution for Europe allows our customers access to an effective alternative to traditional strengthening solutions.”