USA – Nutrition and biosciences company Dupont has launched a new range of enzymes dubbed Versilk™ aimed at helping yogurt and beverage manufacturers achieve optimal texture and taste in yogurts, drinkable dairy products and other drinkable fermented products.

DuPont says that this new innovation is a viscosity-modulating enzyme for high protein applications.

“It gives manufacturers a new way to deliver the desired viscosity, mouthfeel and taste profile that meets consumers’ needs for an indulgent product with health benefits,” DuPont added.

With the enzyme, manufacturers of dairy and plant-based yogurts will be able to achieve up to 14 percent protein in the final product – a 30 percent increase over what is common today, according to DuPont.

DuPont further notes that the new enzyme range is simple to integrate into an established yogurt production and is versatile across many types of products.

Commitment to open innovation strategy

The launch of the new enzymes for yogurts coincided with DuPont’s commitment to continue is accelerating its open innovation strategy to prepare food and beverage manufacturers for fast-developing trends and disruptive change.

To this end, DuPont announced that along with other partners of the global innovation platform Plug and Play, it will open a new location in Chicago, Illinois with direct access to the emerging technologies that will keep food and beverage companies ahead in the future.

The source of these new technologies is talented entrepreneurial start-ups that look for support from larger corporate partners to develop and scale their business.

By acting as an investor and mentor, DuPont will both accelerate their development and bring their innovative capabilities to market faster.

Birgitte Borch, global marketing leader, Food & Beverage, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences in a statement highlighted the importance of the open innovation strategy.

Borch said; “Through our partnership with Plug and Play, we were able to influence the technology focus and tap into enterprising start-ups, bringing the latest innovative technology in plant-based proteins, functional ingredients and consumer testing.”

According to Borch, DuPont as a founding partner of the Chicago program, will be able to expand its focus into innovative technologies in biotechnology, personalized nutrition, food safety, functional ingredients, sustainability and market analytics.

Dupont says that the shortlist of talented start-ups for 2021 has already been drawn up and by the middle of next year, the company expects to have established open innovation agreements for unlocking the future of food.

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