ASIA – DuPont Animal Nutrition has launched DuPont™ Syncra® AVI, a feed supplement designed to maximize nutrient digestibility in poultry production in Asia Pacific region.

Syncra® AVI is a combination of two proven technologies, enzymes and probiotics, known to optimize gut health and maximize performance in poultry production.

It was formulated with a unique blend of enzymes, which improve nutrient digestibility, combined with Bacillus probiotics to protect against health challenges and accelerate immune development.

Combination of the enzymes and probiotics in gut health demonstrates DuPont’s strong capabilities in achieving and maintaining good intestinal tract health in the animal.

The innovation supports animal producers in improving performance, increase livability and support welfare of the animals.

Also, increasing pressure and health concerns around the use of antibiotics is driving investments in science and innovation in livestock production.

“DuPont is creating the advanced feed strategies needed to address the challenges of today and into the future,” said Surendra Bade, Regional Industry Leader ASPAC, DuPont Animal Nutrition.

“Syncra® AVI delivers active protection, enhancing the interaction of nutrition, microbiome and gut and immune function, improving the nutribiotic state of the gut.”

DuPont Syncra® AVI is already available in the United States and South Africa, helping producers improve animal performance and gut health.

DuPont Danisco Animal Nutrition, a subsidiary of DuPont launched the enzyme and multi-strain probiotic solution, Syncra AVI in 2014 to fully unlock healthy nutrition benefits from animal feed.

It addresses the challenges faced by poultry producers including volatile conditions, profitability and liveability problems.

Last month, the company unveiled Enviva® EO in the its latest development under nutribiosis solutions in the United States and Latin America.

Enviva EO is a nature identical phytogenic blend designed to fit into any nutritional health strategy and consistently improve feed intake.