DuPont launches protective cultures for fermented plant-based foods

DENMARK –  DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has released new dairy-free protective cultures for plant-based fermented foods and beverages, which have the ability to extend shelf-life of products.

The new cultures, Holdbac YM Vege, form the latest addition to the DuPont Danisco Holdbac line of protective cultures which the company says taps into a number of growing consumer trends, including clean label and fermentation.

 “The industry has seen enormous growth for fermented plant-based products in recent years, driven by higher numbers of flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan consumers around the world,” said Eve Martinet-Bareau, Global Product Manager, Cultures for plant-based fermented food and beverages. 

“These shifts in diets are driven by a number of factors, including a search for improved health that comes with a plant-based diet, ethical choices toward foods with lower environmental impact and which are deemed better for animal welfare.

“This launch addresses the trend and needs for high-quality fermented plant-based food and beverages. As more consumers look for fermented food and drinks, our Holdac YM Vege cultures will help our customers meet that demand.” 

While the new range has numerous applications including dairy-alternative beverages, DuPont says that the solutions also builds on key sustainability objectives around tackling food waste and improving formulations.

Notabely, the product extends shelf-life of products and ensures stable product quality by holding off yeast and mold spoilage.

“We have designed this culture to have inhibition properties against a broad spectrum of yeasts and molds.

“In addition, we offer applications support to our customers to assess the contaminants in their production environment and provide advice on how to best control them,”​ Eve Martinet adds.

The company estimates that if 5 percent of the global yogurt market is replaced with plant-based alternatives made with Danisco Vege and Holdbac YM Vege cultures, the CO2 emission saving would theoretically be as high as 3 million metric tons CO2 annually.

In addition, DuPont notes that the cultures also support at least three UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being), SDG 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption) and SDG 13 (Climate Action).

“Holdbac YM VEGE is helping us facilitate the transition to a healthier and more environmental-friendly diet,” highlights Mikkel Thrane, Global Sustainability Lead for DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.

The company says that the innovative new ingredient offers customers the ability to make a significant difference in terms of environmental and social impact through reduced food waste and plant-based alternatives.

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