GERMANY – DuPont Nutrition and Health has launched a new deep-freeze warehouse, a storage centre that brings together DuPont’s operations in Epernon, France and Niebull, Germany sites.

The joint project aims at securing additional capacity in cultures used in developing high quality yogurt, fresh fermented and cheese products and will be run at a temperature of minus 55 degrees centigrade.

DuPont also hopes to maintain their recognized reputation for stability and performance in agriculture products, including hybrid corn and soybean seed varieties primarily under the Pioneer brand.

In addition, the company plans to enlarge the storage capacity in Niebull and leverage existing fermentation capacity at the Epernon facility.

“The investment of around US$8.6 million forms part of the previously announced US$60 million expansion plan for European cultures plants.

We count on a combination of local planners and regional specialist companies to realize this important plant extension, building upon the overall logistics of the plant,” said Reinhold Sand, Niebull Site Managing Director, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

According to Michael Paulsen, Niebull Site, Works Manager, DuPont Nutrition & Health, the cold storage cell will be equipped with a new, very energy efficient insulating panel and due to this, the new cooling system will on average run significantly less per day, which reduces energy use.

The refrigeration technology will be integrated with a heat recovery system.

The building will include logistics, building technology, office workplaces, switch rooms as well as social rooms for the employees working at the logistics center.

DuPont operates three DuPont Nutrition and Health plants, Sassenage and Epernon in France and Niebull in Germany.