USA – DuPont has unveiled a new generation of POWERBake® 8000 enzymes for bakery industry in South America for a more efficient and stable baking process.

This is an expansion of DuPont Danisco POWERBake range of fungal xylanases providing bakers with benefits including increased final product volume and characteristics.

The enzymes are important in improving consistency in flour quality, improvement of gluten quality through the removal of water-insoluble arabinoxylans and the addition of stability to the dough system.

It also improves overall production process by accelerating development of the gluten network in bakery products.

“DuPont has extensive experience in the food market and this launch further strengthens and complements our broad enzymes portfolio.

Our innovations aim to bring important benefits to the baking industry. This new technology helps to maintain more robust production, process standardization and economic advantages.”

This offering illustrates DuPont’s investment in research on enzymes, emulsifiers, and other ingredients and a strong knowledge in ingredients in relation to customer needs.

In addition to focusing on customer insights, the development puts emphasis on meeting local needs of rapidly developing markets.

The bakery innovation manager at DuPont Nutrition & Health, Eduardo Pimentel said, “The new POWERBake® 8000 range of fungal xylanase enzymes, improves the balance between stability and extensibility of the dough, creating faster development of the gluten network and with a greater tolerance of the dough, which are ideal factors during the baking process.

This new generation of enzymes, minimizes the variation between flour batches and improves the quality of the end product.”

DuPont Health and Nutrition launched POWERBake 6000 enzyme that adds tolerance and consistency in particularly bread and buns in February.

Last year, DuPont was granted approval for three bakery enzymes used as processing aids in Japan allowing it to use its PowerFresh and PowerSoft enzymes which it claims improves fresh eating quality, softness and moistness.