Ebro Foods to invest US$165m in securing further sustainable growth

SPAIN – Ebro Foods will be investing more than €150 million (US$165m) in implementing the company’s recently launched global sustainability plan, the ‘RUMBO A 2030’, with the aim of continuing to grow its sustainably efforts.

The “Heading towards 2030” plan sets out goals and actions in the area of environment and health & social well-being that the group seeks to achieve by 2030.

Ebro’s plan focuses its commitment on three pillars of action: people, healthy eating & well-being and the planet in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Under the plan, the group will pay special attention to enhancing the welfare of its employees, offering continuous training and career development in an effort to retain talent and upholding equality and diversity.

The plan contemplates respect for human rights as a fundamental principle, and in this regard the Ebro Foods said it will apply the Principle of Due Diligence in all its subsidiaries.

The company will also continue implementing actions that contribute towards social and economic development in the group’s areas of influence, seeking to strengthen relations with local communities.

Promoting a sustainable planet

The investment will also be channeled to ensure sustainability in the company’s supply chain and production centres focusing on three fundamental areas of action.

This will include: guaranteeing the environmental efficiency of all the group’s operations, mitigating and adjusting to the effects of climate change and ensuring the sustainability raw materials.

The company intends to eliminate the use of non-reusable plastics and see that 100% of packaging is recyclable or reusable while reducing the quantity of packaging materials.

The plan will also enable the company to optimise logistics and transport to reduce its carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency to reduce emissions and mitigate the carbon footprint on crops and implement carbon offset projects

Ebro Foods has set its goals in the plan to ensure 100% of raw materials are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable by 2030.

Research, development and innovation

The company acknowledged that research, development and innovation have been the driving force behind the development of products for consumer health, anticipating their needs, and programmes to encourage healthy habits.

The group hence places the utmost importance on investment in R&D and innovation, with the intention of offering consumers a broad array of healthy products.

In this line, Ebro has launched 255 new differentiated products with a high value added over the past two years. This has been made possible by its five R&D and Innovation Centres in France, the USA and Spain.

Ebro Foods has also set up various programmes and initiatives designed to raise awareness and promote healthy eating habits and lifestyles. The company intends to provide regular updates on the progress.

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