EGYPT – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported that Egypt anticipates a shortage of beef supply in its domestic market due to the conflict in Sudan, which began on April 15.

According to a report from the USDA, the current situation in Sudan has paralyzed the flow of trade with the country’s trading partners.

The organization also reported that the situation is on the verge of disrupting the supply of fresh beef in the Egyptian market.

“Sudan is Egypt’s main supplier of fresh beef and one of the largest exporters of cattle to this destination with shipments of 10,000 tonnes of meat and 110,000 head. animals in 2022,” USDA stated.

The organization added that the price rate of a kilogram of beef has doubled to US$12-US$13 as compared to the same period a year earlier.

Egypt depends up to 40% on imports for its beef supply. On the African continent, Sudan is its first and closest supplier of the commodity.

In response to the situation, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to provide alternatives for Sudanese beef supply by exploring, in particular, the possibility of imports from Somalia and Chad.

“Many types of meat have been already provided to citizens in the market, after the outbreak of the Sudanese crisis, therefore in the wake of the conflict, alternatives were discussed including meat import from Somalia and Chad as an alternative to Sudanese meat,” the spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture Mohamed al-Qersh said.

The report from USDA was echoed by a joint report from the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN), which points out that food prices in Egypt are expected to see a striking surge due to limited food supply amid the conflict in Sudan.

According to the report, a further rise in commodity prices would be another blow for consumers while headline inflation slowed last April to 31.5%, food prices such as bread and wheat still rose 7% from month to month.

The report projects the Sudan crisis to weigh on Egypt’s consumer prices, while the Egyptian government is grappling with rampant inflation.

In 2022, Egypt imported 110,000 live animals and 10,000 metric tons of beef from Sudan. During the Ramadan period recently, the Egyptian government imported fresh meat from Chad to remedy the price hikes of local meat.

The Ministry of Agriculture sought to establish farms for the production of meat in Chad, in light of the recent increase in the prices of meat and poultry in the country.

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