NETHERLANDS – Elemica, a cloud-based digital supply network for global manufacturing industries, has announced a membership with Foodvalley NL, the primary knowledge-intensive agrifood ecosystem in the Netherlands.

Foodvalley offers a platform of resources and opportunities to an international business network to accelerate innovation and market introduction.

Elemica said that through the membership, the company and its clients will benefit from exposure to a knowledge bank of resources and opportunities for growth from the international business network.

“Foodvalley NL has deep insights into the challenges of the agrifood industry, along with a connected Foodvalley ecosystem of companies and institutions in the Netherlands and other countries that can leverage Elemica technologies to resolve supply chain issues and stimulate growth in their industry,” says Rich Katz, CEO of Elemica.

“Elemica has been working in the food and ingredients industry for years; this partnership helps expand our industry domain knowledge while highlighting our innovative digital supply chain solutions.”

Elemica claims that it helps agrifood businesses digitally transform their supply chains to address the challenges of continually changing consumer tastes, growing transportation costs, and new industry regulations focused on food safety.

By using Elemica’s Digital Supply Network, that follows products from field to factory to distributor to the customer, the company notes that a tremendous amount of information can be harvested and used to optimize processes. 

“Knowing customer tastes and changing trends influencing behavior are critical factors when optimizing decisions in the food and beverage industry,” said Roger van Hoesel, CEO of Foodvalley.

“By having Elemica join the organization, members will be exposed to solutions that can track and trace products, ensure accurate labeling, and offer transparency into supply chains to meet food compliance regulations of agrifood companies in the region.”

Since its establishment in 2004, Foodvalley has built up a deep insight into the challenges of the agri-food industry and a vast network of companies and knowledge institutions that can help in tackle these challenges effectively.

Currently, Foodvalley constitutes of 173 members of which 75% are qgrifood companies and 25% are knowledge providers. In addition to Elemica, some of the latest members to join Foodvalley include, Growingdale and plant-based food companies such Novish and Leaft Foods.

In January this year, Fumi Ingredients, a Wageningen University & Research spin-off and member of Foodvalley, received a 500,000 euro investment from  Innovation Industries and SHIFT Invest to accelerate development of plant based egg white.