TOGO -Enselme Gouthon, a Togolese national, has been named president of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), at the just concluded 5th World Coffee Conference in India.

Gouthon  holds a Doctor of Economics from the Higher School of Economics and Management of the University of Bremen.

He brings over 40 years of experience in the coffee industry with the last 7 years spent at Coordination Committee for the Coffee and Cocoa Sectors (CCFCC) where he served as the Secretary General.

Gouthon will focus on ensuring the sustainability of the coffee industry, stabilizing the global market for prices, promoting adaptation to climate change, and advancing technological innovation.

As the ICO president, he is expected to also put new strategies for improving economic conditions in developing countries, poised to boost the coffee production chain.

He will serve as the ICO’s president as well as continue his assignment as the Secretary General for the Togo-based CCFCC.

Gouthon is also expected to lead the Robusta Coffee Agency of Africa and Madagascar (ACRAM), a Gabon-based international non-profit association bringing together private and public operators interested in the Robusta coffee sector in Africa and Madagascar.

The World Coffee Conference was organized by the ICO and the Indian Ministry of Trade. It brought together 2,600 delegates from 80 countries.

During the conference, Indian authorities and the Coffee Board of India honored Gouthon for promoting the production and consumption of African and world coffee and supporting farmers’ incomes.

The World Coffee Conference also saw the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and Global Coffee Platform (GCP) sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU), renewing and expanding their partnership within the Coffee Public-Private Task Force (CPPTF).

Global Coffee Report has noted that the renewed partnership will accelerate coffee sustainability, farmer prosperity, and address systemic sustainability issues facing coffee farming communities.

The International Coffee Organization is the leading intergovernmental organization that deals with coffee issues.

ICO membership makes up 98% of the world’s coffee production and takes in over 67% of world coffee consumption.

In June, the Government of Mozambique has joined the International Coffee Organization (ICO) for the first time in its history, becoming  the 27th African country to become a Member of the ICO.

“I am convinced that Mozambique’s contribution, as a full partner of the ICO and the new ICA, will be crucial in shaping the coffee industry for a bright, sustainable future,”  said Vanúsia Nogueira, ICO Executive Director.

“Together, we will advance shared priorities that have the potential to diversify economies, build resilience and, ultimately, deliver concrete results for people.