KENYA- The National Assembly Environment Committee has said that London Distillers Kenya risks closure if it doesn’t manage toxic waste from the factory in six months’ time, a report in the Business Daily reveals.

The committee has directed that the liquor distiller put in place technology in management of waste and also maintain high environmental standards that will ensure safe and healthy disposal of waste.

“London Distillers should within six months invest in the state-of–art technology that contains air pollution, recycles solid waste, and escalates and/or institutes stringent internal self-regulation,” read the report.

“It should implement use the best technology toward cleaning of all resultant industrial by-products from its premises before release to the environment.

“Failure to implement the recommendations the factory should be closed or be relocated to other suitable areas.”

Long pollution battle

The Athi River based alcohol maker has been fighting a long dispute with residents of Great Wall Gardens, owned by Edermann Property Ltd, over claims of emptying toxic waste in Athi River.

The distiller was accused of failure to put in place appropriate technology in the management of waste from the company where it employs 1,000 people.

They filed a petition in March, in which they accused the alcohol-maker of subjecting them to health hazards.

The report noted that given the environmental concerns, families, especially expectant mothers and children, could suffer from long term health complications.

It however recommended the residents to exercise a degree of tolerance and co-existence as London Distillers puts in place technology in environmental protection as directed.

The maker of Meakins, Napoleon, Kenya King and Safari brands faced similar closure threats earlier this year from members of parliament who accused the management of the alcoholic manufacturer of failure to comply with the environmental watchdog directives.