ETHIOPIA – Delegations drawn from four African countries took a visit to Ethiopia to exchange the best practices and experiences of Ethiopia in transforming agriculture, particularly wheat, avocado, and coffee developments.

Delegations from Zambia, Niger, Tanzania, and Cote d’Ivoire visited several agricultural activities being carried out in wheat and avocado cultivations, as well as ONE.KOO Coffee factory, a coffee processing factory owned by Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Gelan Town.

Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union is one of the unions that exports coffee to the international market by adding value to its production.

ONE.KOO Coffee Factory, established a year ago for 50 million birr, has been expanding its products to foreign markets, including the United States, by adding value.

The factory earned 70 million birr in the first half of this Ethiopia fiscal year, the general manager of the factory, Solomon Taddela told ENA.

The African continent is seeking to boost food security and reduce poverty levels by investing in agriculture development projects.

By learning from successful examples from one of their own in agricultural transformation, such as in Ethiopia, the nations can strengthen their agriculture sector.

The delegate visited the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union because it is one of the many unions that has been identified as a successful model to follow.

Ethiopia has also set up several agro-industrial parks that are attracting investments. In February, eight local and foreign companies entered a 1.7 billion Birr deal with the Oromia Industrial Park Development Corporation (OIPDC) to invest in Bulbula Integrated Agro Industrial Park.

The Park, built on 271 hectares of land in Western Oromia, has been fully equipped with the necessary infrastructures and facilities to accommodate 135 investors in the space of processing of agro-value chains that include fruits and vegetables, dairy, honey, and poultry.

The Bulbula, Yirgalem, and Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial parks, which have already gone operational , are part of a wider government strategy to position Ethiopia as the leading manufacturing hub in Africa by 2025.

Oromia Industrial Park Development Corporation CEO Senait Mabre said the government has been investing heavily in infrastructure intending to bring a change in the country by involving investors in various sectors.

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