GHANA – The European Union is supporting a €10 million (US$10.64M) project aimed at enhancing food security in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Other stakeholders in the project include the Government of Ghana and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

According to a report by Ghana News Agency, the project is expected to support 50,000 vulnerable Ghanaians grappling with food security in the region.

It will mainly focus on empowering communities to build resilient, environmentally sustainable, and profitable food production systems.

It also aimed at enhancing social sustainability and gender responsiveness of food systems and improved governance and institutional sustainability of food systems.

Dr. Bryan Acheampong, Minister for Food and Agriculture said this vital financial contribution by the EU reaffirmed the importance of international solidarity in addressing global food security challenges aggravated by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

He continued that it also reflected the shared commitment to ensuring food security, reducing poverty, and promoting sustainable development in Ghana.

Mr Yurdi Yasmi, FAO Representative in Ghana, explained that technologies and social innovations would be employed to help increase the efficiency of food production, especially in water efficiency in agriculture.

He noted that the project will leverage on digital agriculture to significantly reduce market failures and improve the functioning of the agricultural markets while tapping into the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Mr Irchad Razaaly, EU Ambassador to Ghana, said the €10m emergency measure had been mobilised in record time and represented the commitment and solidarity of the EU and its Member States to help Ghana transition to more resilient food systems.

Ghana’s The agricultural sector has received a substantial amount of aid from the European Unionin the form of grants over the years.

According to Dr. Acheampong, Ghana has so far received €132 million in grants for various interventions in the agricultural sector under the current 11th European Development Fund.

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