NETHERLANDS – Koninklijke Euroma B.V, which manufactures and distributes herbs and spices,has acquired Intertaste BV., the West-European dealer in herbs, spices, mix and package end products in consumer packaging.

Euroma has taken over all Intertaste’s shares after a go-ahead from the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), giving it a top recognition in the European market as well as first ranking in the Dutch herbs and spices market.

The merger targets to bring together a workforce of 500 employees who would bring expertise in development and production of herbs and spices.

Priority will be given to development of state-of-the-art flavourings such as herb mixtures, sauces, dressings, soups and texturing products.

To cater for the diverse needs of customers, the two will combine their complementary business units to invest in flavor, taste and a range of spice-based solutions in the food business.

Hanneke Broekhuizen, the Commercial Director at Euroma mentioned that colluding with Intertaste will help them claim a leading position in herbs and spices with capabilities to strengthen each other.

Since both of the companies are customer focused and oriented, they will be able to deliver better performance in the European food industry given their good blending facilities at their locations and liquid processing capabilities.

“If we combine all these capabilities, and building a new facility that is due to open in 2019, we can make an excellent combination together.

The demand for herbs and spices has been on the rise, which is primarily driven by the demand for clean label solutions, and the opportunities to mask salt reduction in recipes, we do have natural alternatives, that develop great taste with less and salt and even less sugar,” said Hanneke Broekhuizen.

As they focus on the European market, Broekhuizen said that they were embarking spices, herbs and natural ingredients due to a rising demand for adventurous and international flavors.

According to Robert Hoogstra, CEO of Euroma, the current trends in the food industry provide them with an opportunity to strengthen its position as an innovative tastemaker.

He added that Euroma had extensive and in-depth knowledge of herbs and spices and capability to develop tasty, innovative products which contained less sugar, less salt or other additives.

Euroma’s ability to provide customers with innovative flavouring and packaging gives it an upper hand in the industry as consumers shift to healthier food choices.