GLOBAL – Kerry, a global leader in taste and nutrition solutions, has unveiled its latest report, “The Art of Taste and Nutrition,” which sheds light on the evolving preferences of European consumers when it comes to beverages.

The report, which analyzed approximately 500 seasonal offerings across 14 key European markets, revealed critical insights into beverage platforms, flavors, and future trends.

One of the key findings of Kerry’s report was the resurgence of citrus flavors, with lemon emerging as the top flavor choice across Europe.

It revealed that consumers are flocking to beverages that provide a refreshing and tangy experience, signaling a clear shift towards natural and vibrant flavors.

Moreover, the report identified the growing popularity of iced beverages, such as iced lattes and iced teas, as rising beverage platforms across the region.

Kerry also underscored the pivotal role of sustainability in the future of beverages.

According to Daniel Sjogren, Vice President for Foodservice in Kerry Europe, sustainable nutrition is where the future of beverages is heading.

“Collectively, we need to do more to move this along at pace.” Consumers today seek beverages that not only taste great but also offer functionality and reduced sugar,” he said.

“Looking ahead, they will demand sustainable sourcing of ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and balanced nutrition.”

He noted that sustainability is not only a consumer preference but also benefits foodservice operators in achieving their sustainability goals, such as reducing water usage, food waste, and CO2 emissions.

Kerry envisions sustainability as an innovation platform that caters to consumer preferences for better-for-you beverages that are also kind to the planet and society.

“While taste remains the foremost driver of beverage choices, consumers are increasingly looking for excitement, value, and sustainable nutrition in their drinks.”

The report highlighted a surge in demand for beverages that deliver a great taste while also being sustainable and nutritious.

According to Kerry, it can be as simple as finding the right flavor pairing or introducing a new format. Efficient innovation is the key to success, enabling foodservice brand owners to offer exciting beverages while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, Kerry’s report suggested that creating new seasonal windows, even outside of traditional seasons, can boost profitability.

The report provided valuable insights for foodservice brand owners as they plan their innovations for 2024.

“As consumers continue to seek novelty, excitement, and sustainability in their beverage choices, foodservice brands that adapt and meet these demands are poised to thrive in this dynamic market.”

Meanwhile, Kerry has reported a robust 5.1% organic growth in revenue for the first half of 2023, amounting to US$4.51 billion, reflecting the company’s commitment to meet evolving consumer preferences and industry trends.

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