THAILAND – Leading chemical specialty company, Evonik has introduced a new solution that enables poultry producers to make smarter decisions to ensure animal well-being and food safety.

The service product, ScreenFloX®, is a platform comprising a broad range of tests designed to help veterinarians, livestock production managers and farmers better manage their flocks and production by monitoring the microbial status of entire flocks.

Evonik claims that ScreenFlox® is the only environmental screening system that non-invasively quantifies the levels of certain pathogens, including Clostridium perfringens, from an entire flock with a confidence exceeding 90%.

According to the company, ScreenFloX® platform can perform multiple tests using a single sample and with minimal additional effort.

Evenik says that combining environmental screenings for avian and human pathogens saves costs and time for poultry producers.

Dr. Christoph Kobler, Head of Product Line Sustainable Healthy Nutrition from Evonik said: “Current common practice in animal diagnostics involves testing individual animals using invasive methods.

“This includes necropsy, histopathology and confirmatory testing which can easily take several days and are expensive.

“ScreenFloX® is an environmental screening system that enables poultry producers to detect levels of different pathogens for the entire flock using an unbiased, non-invasive method.

“The goal of using ScreenFloX® is to optimize overall livestock production through an ‘early warning system’. This gives producers the chance to react before it is too late to adjust the production process.”

The solution offers improved livestock monitoring, reliable assessment of pathogen load and non-invasive analysis of pathogens. 

Evonik’s largest investment in Germany

The specialty chemical firm has also initiated construction of a  new US$442 million (€400m) polyamide 12 (PA 12) manufacturing site in Marl Chemical Park, Germany.

The project, which is the company’s single largest investment to datethe country,  will complement existing PA 12 production there with additional plants for the polymer and its precursors.

Christian Kullmann , he chairman of the executive board of Evonik Industries, highlights the significance of the new plant: “We’re building this plant because we want to continue to grow with innovative specialty chemical products.

“With our high-performance polymer PA 12 we can supply global strategic growth markets such as 3D printing.”

With the investment, the company seeks to become faster and more flexible in developing new, customized polymers to help customers achieve strong growth.