USA – Fairlife, US brand of milk has added a new coffee flavour, Core Power protein shakes to expand its range of Core Power Original lactose-free protein drinks.

The new flavor is an improved version of the original one, with 26 grams of proteins per serving as compared to 20 grams in the original ‘light’ series.

In addition, the new Core Power features a refreshed look with sleek, modern packaging; set to hit stores nationwide after the relaunch.

The product targets health-conscious consumers especially athletes who want an adventure with tasty but safe dairies, and the coffee flavor re-debut came upon customer inquiries.

Each 11.5-ounce bottle of new flavor contains 85 grams of caffeine to deliver a great caffeine kick and source of high-protein nutrition desired for both body building and energy.

Core Power comes in two varieties, Original having 26g of protein per serving and Elite category with 42g of protein per serving, available in retail outlets, grocery stores and online.

The flavors join a wide range of flavors in the Original and Elite lines including Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla.

It’s lactose-free, uses high quality dairy protein from real cow’s milk with natural casein and whey proteins ideal for athletic recovery.

“We credit our very vocal and committed fans with the return of the coffee flavor.

The many pleas we received made it clear that the coffee culture is a very important one to our consumers and, because we are committed to meeting their needs, we are excited to launch Core Power Coffee.

We want our fans to know that we’re listening and always dedicated to delivering flavors that offer the taste, nutrition, and value that only Fairlife can deliver,” said Sue McCloskey, dairy farmer and co-founder of Fairlife, LLC.