KENYA – Farmer’s Choice, a leading meat processor in Kenya, has officially launched its new product range, Kadogoo SKUs for Sausages and Bacon to meet the evolving consumer demands.

The launch, marked by a vibrant campaign called “Kadogoo Mdogo Mdogo,” was unveiled on Tuesday, 20 February 2024, in the Pipeline residential area by the Fast-Food Sales Manager, Mr. Osborn Njiru.

The Kadogoo range, comprising 5 pieces of delectable beef safari sausages and 250gms of collar bacon, introduces two trade names – Bacon Kadogoo and Safari Beef Sausages Kadogoo.

According to the company, these additions are aimed to cater to the diverse needs of consumers, providing a convenient and versatile solution for breakfast and other meals throughout the day.

In addition, the company revealed that the decision to introduce these specific product variations was guided by insights obtained through extensive customer engagement initiatives.

Farmer’s Choice identified a growing demand for smaller quantities of products that are not only affordable but also easy to consume quickly.

“The Kadogoo range is designed to address this need, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the rich, meaty flavors offered by Farmer’s Choice.”

By introducing these new SKUs and actively engaging with consumers, the company added that it also aims to enhance its market presence and provide a delightful culinary experience for all.

In addition to the product launch, Farmer’s Choice revealed that it has been actively involved in educating consumers on the proper preparation of sausages and bacon.

The company encouraged consumers to incorporate these products into various meals, promoting them as suitable choices for breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner.

“This educational effort has been met with enthusiasm, sparking genuine curiosity among non-consumers and occasional patrons, ultimately converting them into regular customers of the iconic sausages and bacon.”